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My First children's book!

Now available on Amazon!!

A Bunny's Tale

In A Bunny’s Tale, an orange rabbit named Carrot thinks it can’t get worse than being left alone, until she is accidentally locked out of the house. She must find safety in the cold and frightening outside as she searches for a way back to the comfort of her home. With the help of a grey squirrel named Abbey, Carrot learns about friendship and courage as she goes face-to-face with the scary creature next door.


A Bunny’s Tale is a heart-warming and captivating adventure book for parents who enjoy reading to or reading together with their children. Young, independent readers will love the engaging plot and well-developed characters as well.


I’m Gary Caruso, author of paranormal romantic thrillers like Our Souls to Keep Series and YA mysteries-adventures like The Dark Side of Truth Series. Thanks for visiting my website. I enjoy writing stories that test the boundaries of what characters are willing to do for those they care for, whether they’re family, friends, or lovers. This leads to heart-stopping scenes in which characters willingly put their own lives at risk, all for our entertainment. So while you’re reading these stories or anticipating the next novel in the series, subscribe to my website for regular updates on new releases, blog posts about the characters and story elements, reviews, giveaways, contests, and upcoming appearances. Take a few minutes and send me a short message. I love hearing from readers. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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